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Friday, June 15, 2012

Something like this

I've been working on a draft proposal for a symposium for the New Delhi conference that I posted about below. Here is what I have so far: Being connected: how children manage the interface between their social activity and the affordances of digital technologies, The purpose of this symposium is to consider how children socially accomplish their everyday use of digital technologies including technologies specifically designed to facilitate communication. Technologies encompass hardware and software such as mobile phones, iPads, desktop computers, digital gaming devices, Skype, YouTube and Wikipedia. Collectively, the papers draw on recordings of naturally occurring talk and embodied actions, and apply the analytic approaches of ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and/or membership categorization analysis. The focus for individual papers includes, for example, an examination of the ways that shared understandings are produced interactionally across virtual and actual world activity, how indexical expressions and gestures are used to situate talk contextually as online or offline, and the ways children competently manage turn-taking to introduce and enable multiple and simultaneous activities during their use of digital technology. The symposium will be of relevance to those interested in (1) fine-grained analytic work that addresses the interactions of humans with digital technologies and the accomplishment of communication through digital technologies (2) children’s orientations to particular affordances of digital technology during social interaction in homes, communities and education contexts, and (3) the reflexive production of social worlds that encompass digital technologies. Yes, it needs a bit of work. As does this blog post. Apparently, there is a problem with Blogger on my browser. I'll need to check this out.