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Friday, May 04, 2012

Anyone up for New Delhi?

Yesterday the first call for proposals for this conference came out. As the venue information suggests, New Delhi is a place that should be seriously considered for "must-do" visits in 2013. Apart from being an interesting city New Delhi is a stepping point to Agra and the beautiful Taj Mahal. I am thinking of proposing a symposium which would be something to do with children and digital technology. Last year I presented at a symposium for the same conference (in Manchester). I like the idea of some kind of cohesive presentation and also the challenge that getting up the proposal would entail. Last night I finished the paper on Ethnomethodology and literacy research. I made the deadline (which I like to do) for submission of final draft and will now wait to see if it goes forward. Hope so! Today I'm going to return to the disputes chapter. I received an email yesterday alerting me to a couple of missing reference details and the need to provide a bio for the publication. I PROMISED that I would do that as soon as I finished the article (due yesterday). Things roll on as always ...