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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7,821 words

So ....

I finally finished the review of the literature article. what a feat. It was hard to do, but now done I feel okay about it. It is heading off to a journal of qualitative research, and then the wait begins. I've polished it quite a bit after getting some feedback from a colleague of two (thanks) so hopefully it will move through the review process with a good result.

The third article is now under construction. Robyn (co-author) is working on documenting her reflections of transcribing in her research, and will have those to me some time in the near future. I'll then bring the literature "to bear" on those. It should be an interesting process.

Meanwhile, I've started using Transana to transcribe my recordings of kids using computers. I've done one whole "slab" of transcription of children playing a computer game. that is in enough detail (so far) for me to be doing close analysis. with the other recordings, i'm working my way through developing a systematic overview of what's going on. So, I watch the video, stop when an activity changes or a recognisable action occurs (a summons, for example) and I note the time of that using the timer on the transcription program. that process will be very helpful for developing a corpus of "like sequences" of phenomenon across different tapes.

I've done the first recording i made. That was rather interesting and suggested that one of the children was making a lot of formulations. I haven't done a lot of reading (or thinking) about formulations so will need to do that in the next few days.

As usual, there is plenty to do.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yippee Doo Dah

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I've just had a conference proposal accepted:

Davidson, C. (Proposal accepted).“Click on the big red car”: Analysis of
an extended sequence in computer game playing. 6th Annual Symposium of Australian CA/MCA. 5-7 November 2008, Brisbane.

I'm very chuffed about that. My friend and colleague Gillian Busch has also had her proposal accepted so that is brilliant news all round. Gillian will be presenting from her PhD research and mine will be the first public "airing" of analysis from my At Home in Cyberspace research project.

I"m really looking forward to the conference because it draws together all the CA and MCA academics from Oz. Also, I have never presented to a CA/MCA crowd before so that will be interesting and challenging.

Other good news. Robyn and Tony, friends from Ballarat, are visiting next week. While there are work strings attached, no doubt there will also be some time for R and R after serious stuff is done. So, Robyn if you're reading this, the pic is of a lovely old pub in Rocky. It overlooks the river and is just a couple of doors up from the main city campus of CQUniversity.