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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Revising children's disputes chapter

Today I begin my revisions for the book chapter. I have nine days to complete it and will probably need all of that time to do justice to the chapter and feedback. One of the requirements is to address more of the gaming literature and I've started on that this morning. I've found some very very interesting work this morning. In particular, Pål Aarsand and Karin Aronsson have co-authored and written individual papers which will be useful for me. I'm spending this morning reading several or those including:
Aarsand, P. (2010). Young boys playing digital games. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, 5(1), 38-55.
Aarsand, P., & Aronsson, K. (2009). Response cries and other gaming moves. Toward an intersubjectivity of gaming. Journal of Pragmatics, 41,1555-1575.


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