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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What matters when you move?

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Moving is a very stressful time. Paramount for me is getting Angie out of one place and into another with as little stress as possible,

Saturday, January 09, 2010

pinch me

wagga backyard
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I'm currently experiencing email problems so decided to let my bit of the world know what's going on by posting my recent news. The picture is of the house I will be living in from 12 February when I make my move to Wagga Wagga. Yes, I'm moving on. The new job at Charles Sturt happened rather quickly and so I am surprised but ecstatic to find myself returning to Wagga Wagga after a long absence. I have a lot of history with the place (smile). For example, forty years ago (!!!!!!) I left home in Coolamon to become a residential student at wagga Teachers College. Thirty years ago this month I left Wagga for the big smoke. So going back after 30 years is going to be very very interesting. I've always loved the title of the novel "You Can't Go Home Again" and I think at a literal level that might be true. However, I'm also pretty sure that in this case the place will have changed a lot in 30 years and I've actually had a lot of homes in my life so maybe I can go back happily and successfully.

My other news as of yesterday ... I received an email from the journal Convergence to say that my article has been accepted for publication. It's titled Click on the Big Red Car: The Social Organization of Playing a Wiggles Game. I'm absolutely over the moon about it. It's a long paper (over 9,000 words)and the analysis is of an entire sequence of game playing by two young children. In a nice co-incidence, the recording was made in Wagga.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

new year

Today marks the beginning of the academic working year at CQU for 2010. Mind you, since much of the documentation for our first term courses are due this week, I suspect that many folk have been working away on them over the holiday break.

February this year marks forty years since I started teachers college (on my 18th birthday). I left home on that day as I needed to live on the campus of Wagga Teachers College. It's a long time ago but my memories of it, and my first night in Kabi (the residential college) are still very vivid.

I like the way that a new year brings feelings of a fresh start and I certainly have some things that I want to do. First there is the last of the recordings from my seed grant to organise. I hope to do some of that in January. I have sent off an abstract to the ukla conference based on that data so I have my fingers crossed that I will get accepted. That would help to get me focused. I have had a good run out of the recordings and certainly feel that I have used the grant to move my publications and profile forward. One of the interesting tangents has been thinking about how to make use of ethno/ca in order to examine digital online doings. That is still a challenge for me and one which I am addressing in the publications that I produce. For example, in my most recent draft journal article I tried to draw out the situatedness of the children's activity because CA is useful for doing that.

There is certainly plenty to keep me busy in 2010.