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Friday, August 03, 2007

what? deadline for aera proposals?

I spent the last two days of this week finishing off my two proposals for aera. my, how that cycle of the aera conference can drive the year. the dealine also worked as a reminder that I haven't turned my papers from Chicago 2007 into journal articles Hence, no funding for New York from cqu should one of my proposals get up. so, gotta get busy. first, I'm going to address the paper that i wrote about correction and school literacy. It was based on one of the chapters from my PhD although I tried to develop it further using some work from Psathas that i hadn't used in the writing of that chapter in my thesis. I tried to establish common structural features across the sequences I had but I'm uneasy about it in hindsight. certainly, the openings for interactions between the teacher and individual students were "noticings", so I'm happy with that. but i think that that the rest of the analysis needs further thought in order to provide a journal article.