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Friday, October 27, 2006

Saturday morning at Yeppoon

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I finally made the saturday morning drive to Yeppoon that I've been talking about doing for weeks. The shopping area was full of people but the beach was relatively deserted. It's a lovely place and a lot of uni folk live there and make the drive to CQU each day. It's about 33 kms. While i guess it's nice to drive away from the city and go home to great views and a relaxed lifestyle, I'm not sure I could do that drive myself every day.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


every major city has a bookshop, right. In rockhampton, I've seen books for sale in newsagents but not found a bookshop proper. so, where is THE bookshop in rockhampton? have i just missed the place?

meanwhile, comes to the rescue. I've just received two texts today that i ordered recently. Fairclough's Analysing Discourse and Coffey and Atkinson, Making Sense of Qualitative Data. I am happy to get both but looking forward to reading the former. Why? I know several people who have used Fairclough in their doctoral work but when pushed for a discussion about it make the same comment - I didn't really go into it at a deep level. mmm, I wonder why? what is it about Fairclough that appeals and then isn't used thoroughly (from all accounts)?

Monday, October 02, 2006

what you say

I have been increasingly surprised by people at cqu who meet me for the first time but tell me that they have read my blog. I guess they checked me out when they heard I had been appointed. Consequently, I find myself being a little more cautious about what I blog. Some recent posts by bloggers illustrate some of the issues that bloggers can face - like this one and this.