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Thursday, August 06, 2009

archaeology of a garden

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This is a very recent picture taken of my garden in Buninyong. The property has been rented out for three years and so the (former) veggie garden appears to be no more. However, if you look very closely at the picture you might notice the following:
a surviving passionfruit vine which is to the left at the back near the fence
a big rosemary bush in the middle garden bed
an apple tree to the extreme left

I woudn't be surprised if closer inspection revealed some veggie plants that have descended from the crops i grew when living there.

It looks overgrown but not too bad for three years. the garden beds used to house all manner of things including: potatoes (lots), spinach (100 plants one season), beetroot (enough to preserve), zucchini (can't they get away on you!), pumpkin, lettuce, tomatoes (more preserving), and of course lot of herbs and chillis.