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Thursday, July 24, 2008


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This morning I have been fiddling around with an interesting (and free) program called jing. It is great for capturing images.


The pic I have on this post is my grandfather. it comes from a card he had made for my grandmother (who was blind from birth)so she didn't see the pic but there is a message on the card written in braille.

I've been busy this week. I'm made some progress on the transcription literature review, and I'm also working on the AERA proposal based on it. I've also had discussions with a colleague about a collaborative research project that we might design based on some of the interesting claims in the literature about the uptake of transcription in research. it looks as though we will do that project so that will be very interesting. I'm looking forward to the collaboration as the lone researcher bit can be rather exhausting and sometimes not as productive as it could be.

This week I've also arranged to attend the CA/MCA conference in Brisbane in November. That is going to be really interesting. The proposal is due by 31 July so the next few days are going to be rather busy.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

it's that time of the year

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it is now time for working on the AERA proposal/s for 2009. The conference will be in San Diego. I've a mind to submit two proposals if I can get them written in time. One will be a review of the transcription literature and the second will be reporting some aspect of my digital project. It is always long lead time for actually getting to the conference, but worth it. as the pic shows, how lucky to be on top of the world as a result of writing a paper. In the case of this year, it was New York (the pic is of my friend Robyn (from the University of Balallarat) and it was taken in a break from the conference when we visited the Rockefeller Centre). Note how Robyn seens carefree (at the top of the centre) but one of her hands is clutching something tangible.